Friday, May 12, 2006

lights, camera, ass...

I never write about work, but last night was so Spots-esque, it warrants a post. We threw a little swanky shindig at the offices of a major corporate sponsor, and the principal actors from our show gave a little preview for our donors. Keep in mind, I was in charge of this particular event and have spent a good while attempting to make sure it went perfectly, hoping to wow our donors with our fabulous cast and fabulous caterer. During the grand finale, as the star of the show sang his heart out, my boss was so moved by the sight, she ran up to me as I stood in the back sipping my wine.
“Beth! Get your camera and get a picture of this.”
With that, I turn around to grab my purse and my giant ass hits the light switch, turning out all the lights. I’m oblivious, fumbling with my camera as an array of people scramble to illuminate the room. Seconds later, the lights come back on, and I look around like an asshole.
“Was that me? I turned off the lights, didn’t I?”
Worse, I go to turn on my camera, hoping to capture the last of the performance. Mikey leans over my shoulder just in time to read the display on the screen of my camera.
“Warning. Battery Exhausted.”


Anonymous said...

I was like, "oh, cute little blog."
I thought you were breif because it's a busy friday. then i saw your other blog. nice work. i pity the fool that pisses off spots. and i agree.

g.d.c. said...

I know you want to be a celebrity so I will finally comment and tell you that I saw you driving down a street in San Francisco this week singing your heart out. I got really excited because my San Francisco Spots sighting lived up to the expectation.

Spots said...

There's a difference between being a celebrity and being hunted. Just make sure you're on the right side, pal.
That being said, I do enjoy a good scream in my car. Lately, and Michael is to blame, I'm very into Bloc Party's "Two More Years"

Oh, and pathetically, Fall Out Boy. But I change the lyrics. Because, you know, you're just a line in a blog...