Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hyphy what?

I keep Big Chris around for several reasons. He’s always on time, he wears ridiculous shoes, he expertly mocks my personal life, he calls my brother ‘Gary’ and occasionally, he introduces me to a current fad I was yet unaware of.
As we drove back from Muir Beach, Chris yells over the music, “Let’s ghostride the whip!”
“What are you talking about?”
“You’ve never heard of Ghostriding the Whip?”
“You people are bitches. Ghostriding the whip is the shit.”

Allow me to explain. Or rather, allow Wikipedia to explain: Ghost riding is a stunt performed with a vehicle, such as a bicycle or automobile, where the rider or driver exits the moving vehicle, leaving it in motion unattended. The rider then procedes to dance either along the ride or on top of it.
Ghost riding is an aspect of the
hyphy culture, born out of the Bay Area hip hop movement. Ghost riding the whip, though dangerous, is one of the highest forms of going dumb and as such is one of the best representations of the style of hyphy. The term "ghost ride the whip" appeared in E-40's song Tell Me When to Go.

You can see video clips of this glorious concept here, and while unclear, I’d like to hear more about this “going dumb.” I’m sure Big C can fill me in…

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