Friday, May 05, 2006

the curse continues...

Far be it from me to mock the embarrassing exploits of others, particularly when it pertains to substance abuse and wildly irresponsible behavior. However, I’ve always liked that Patrick Kennedy, and he’s long been on my shortlist of men who could get me access to the Hyannisport Compound since the tragic and untimely death of my obvious intended, John John.
Hey, I’m willing to down a few gin and tonics with the best of the big toothed American Royalty, but I draw the line at Ambien.
I can get over the fact that his father drives young women off bridges and refuses to save them. I can get over the fact that any Kennedy on a plane is probably a bad idea. I can even get over the fact anyone affiliated with this family will pretty much die in a watery grave.
But sleeping pills are just so tacky.
The clues have apparently been there for a while. Not only is Congressperson Paddy K all too familiar with “recovery”, but they guy got into a drugged up car accident less than a month ago.
At his local CVS PHARMACY.
Hello? Earth to Ethel. We’ve got another Kennedy conundrum. And this one isn’t as easy as a little scotch at Senate hearings or date rape on a golf course. There’s only one way to handle this one. Thank god they keep a lobotomist on staff…

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Anonymous said...

hey Ambien is my friend, sistah!
and it's non-addictive. but my god, what idiot mixes it with another prescription that causes drowsiness?? I'm sorry, this isn't "the curse" this is damn stupidity!!!

-- your sleep deprived cnn hookup