Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i won't live in a world without metrosexuals...

While googling the phrase “white slave trade” this morning (don’t ask), I came across this article. This is pretty much the most hilarious piece of literature I have ever read, and became even funnier once I realized this guy was serious. Apparently, I’m suffering from Racial Alzheimers, or RA. This image is actually from their website. Isn’t it fabulous? I wonder if they guy knew what he was posing for. Did he answer a Craigslist ad? “Racist website seeks model. Must be white and Jesus-y.”
Hey, 50 bucks is 50 bucks.
Anyway, this is my favorite paragraph from his diatribe. Boy, this guy really knows how to make a point:

“A good way to see what I am talking about is to look at some of the newsreels and movies made in the 40s and 50s. Take a good look at the people on the sidewalks, the people in the factories and offices and schools. They were virtually all White. And notice the way they behaved, the way they were dressed, and the way they expressed themselves. No backward baseball caps, no ghetto slang, no androgyny, no "metrosexuals," no disorder. Men were men, women were women, children acted like children, the elderly were respected -- and that's how it was supposed to be.”

Oh, and I would like Tim Gunn’s thoughts on this idiotic gem:

“Another RA sufferer is White supermodel Heidi Klum, in appearance at least a true flower of Europe, who recently married the incredibly repulsive and vulgar Black singer "Seal," a union which produced yet another non-White child. RA sufferers make us all suffer.”

Um, hello? I bet this guy listens to “Kiss from a Rose” on repeat when he’s feeling bummed out about all the gays and militant feminists screwing everything up. I think I shall now go offer my comments on their guestbook…


Anonymous said...

I like the "no backwards baseball caps." That's too funny. Also, I like how the guy in the picture is wearing a tie. That has to be on purpose, to show that he has a good job. Because he's white. Being racist must give you really bad headaches.
What did you write on their guestbook?

Anonymous said...

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