Friday, April 21, 2006

i still like nickelback, tho...

Everyone gets songs stuck in their head, little melodies that refuse to depart until something equally catchy yet annoying comes along. I currently have “Two More Years” by Bloc Party running through my brain, and have been singing it for 2 goddamn hours. (Thank you, Mikey.)
Which brings us to today’s Top 5:

Top 5 Annoying Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head:

5. “Hot in Herre” –Nelly
4. The Baby Back Ribs Song from Chili’s
3. “Come on Eileen” - that dirty guy in the overalls
2. “Sailing” – Christopher Cross
1. Mattress Discounters!


honorary roomie said...

dexie's midnight riders! guys in overalls. i think they're even irish or similar.

Nihilistic said...

When we bought our mattress - Mattress Discounters never left my mind...not for weeks!

Anonymous said...

800-588-2300 Empiiiiire.

This jingle has been annoying me since I was six.

Anonymous said...

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amy lost then found said...

Its "Dexy Midnight Runners!" Not Riders.... jeez, what decade did you people grow up in?