Tuesday, April 11, 2006

he woulda drank...

The folks and I are going to Denver on Friday to see the prodigal son and as this is the last 72 hours of relaxation I’ll get until July, when work dies down significantly, I’m kicking this weekend into high gear. Mom and I went on an after-work walk last night and both agreed we’re using this 72 hours to our maximum benefit. We're some stressed out Spotswood women and this is a prime opportunity to recharge. As per the Easter Holiday weekend, the theme of our mini-vacation is Resurrection.
Conveniently, we’re going to a spa in Colorado Springs.
On our walk, we detailed the rules of the Resurrection weekend. “I’m going to camp out in that spa, Beth.” My mother insisted as we booked it along the bay. “I need some serious relaxing.”
“Yeah, we need to totally take care of ourselves this weekend. This weekend should be all about treating our bodies as temples.”
“Oh, I like that. And we’ll have protein for breakfast. A little egg, a little bacon, a little latte.”
“And spa food for lunch.”
“Yeah, really fancy spa food.”
We were getting excited, planning out little weekend of pampering.
“And we’ll work out, obviously.”
“Of course.” Said mom. “We’ll be really healthy. And then we’ll have fabulous dinners.”
“Yeah, where we’ll have wine.” I chimed in.
My mother looked at me like I was insane. “Duh. The real question is, are we allowed to have wine at lunch?”
“Well, we won’t get there till 3 on Friday. And on Sunday, we’ll obviously drink with Alex and all of his friends at Easter Brunch and Easter Dinner.”
“So, it really just comes down to, are we drinking at lunch on Saturday.”
My mother laughed. “And?”
“Well, mom. I think we can go one day without drinking before 5.”
We agreed, and firmed up the rest of the rules for Resurrection weekend. As I drove home, I thanked God for my mother who has a profound understanding of the spa/alcohol needs of stressed females and the willingness to find the balance between the two. I also marveled at our restraint and devotion to supreme health and fitness by giving up wine for a whole 18 hours while on vacation. I wondered if we had made the right decision and asked myself the age old yet appropriately timely question, what would Jesus do?
Tough call…


honorary roomie said...

ah, yes- but if you hit mass on saturday, you can get in a good slug of communion wine... problem solved, religiously.

cup of salvation, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beth,
Everyone is in love with you. And if they aren't, they should be. You're terrific!
Love, Us.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »