Wednesday, April 05, 2006

davor schmuel...

I just want to say, she lives far away so she’s never photographically represented on the blog. But my dear friend, close confidant and third corner of the infamous Trifecta has quite possibly the most gorgeous headshot I’ve ever seen. Ladies and Gentleman, the talented Dani Marcus. Sadly, I’m the only corner of the goddamn Trifecta still in San Francisco, Zoe joining Dani in the Big Apple to pursue fame, fortune and fabulous without me. The Trifecta, founded in 2002, is quite possibly the most complete friendship known to man. We have the neurotic, high-maintenance, comic relief (c’est moi.) We’ve got the brains of the operation (That’d clearly be Zoe.) And we have the unconditional love and judgement-less support of this stone cold fox. She reads the blog, she knows my dirt. Homegirl’s even seen me naked.
Marcus, consider this your shout out…


A.P.S. said...

This message is for Dani, and Dani only so everyone else please stop reading now.

Ok, now that we are alone that picture to fuckin stunning!!! I hope to god you are finding success and happiness in NY. But if not you need to come to Denver and marry me. We got theater here too. Anyway I'll be in NY in late May hopefully you won’t be on a shoot in Peru or something. But if you are available you have no choice in the matter we are going out, with Zoe preferably. And well have tons of fun, all without Beth! And we can call her late at night and then pretend like we didn’t mean too. Ok hope all is well and I see you soon!


sfmike said...

This is a message for Spots, and Spots only. You need to move to New York.

Spots said...

New York is definitely in the Top 5 cities I plan to live in. Although Dan pointed out that it was snowing yesterday. I will give you my Top 5 reasons to move to New York:
5. It's where Vanity Fair is and I think they should hire me.
4. Zabar's
3. Bergdorf Goodman
2. Constant celebrity sightings.
1. The Trifecta would be reunited, thus enabling our superpowers...

Anonymous said...


Fuck New York and all its tribulations. I am
SOMEOBODY. Why? Because I made the blog. And know what
they say: If you can make it there, you make it

Thanks for the shout out sister soul. I needed that.

Love, Dan

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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