Sunday, March 19, 2006

why a feret?

You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen a transsexual cabaret singer play a tuba and then had dinner with her afterwards. Michael, you’re welcome.
That was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. That and watching Kindergarten Cop today. I really have a true appreciation of the random weekend TBS offering. Last weekend, I mentioned to Mike that if I could do anything, I’d watch the genius Johnny Depp film, Blow.
“Oh, that movie is awesome.”
“I know. And it’s always good, no matter what part you tune in to. That’s exactly what I want to watch. It’d be awesome if it was starting in like, 15 minutes, so I could make fabulous snacks and watch the whole thing.”
Lo and behold, guess what was scheduled to start in 35 minutes?
Yesterday, I had the same inclination.
“You know what I wish was on today?”
“What? Blow again?”
“No. Kindergarten Cop.”
“Yes! I love Kindergarten Cop. But that’d never be on.”
“Yeah, I know.”
And he was right. Kindergarten Cop wasn’t on yesterday. We settled on Back to the Future.
After a harrowing evening last night, Mike got up this morning and made scrabbled eggs as I selected a Donner Party documentary. As the documentary wound to a close, I scanned the digital cable channel information for our next viewing.
Um, I don’t know if I’d classify it as an American Movie Classic, but thank god AMC does.
“I cannot believe you called Kindergarten Cop. That is amazing.”
“Seriously. I have some kind of bizarre, weekend, daytime movie gift. It’s the only thing I’m able to predict.”
“What’ll it be next weekend.”
“Beats me.” I said. “I can’t force it. It has to happen naturally.”
“Well, “Mike sighed. “I’m rooting for A League of Their Own…”

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