Wednesday, March 01, 2006

he gave me some jesus juice first, tho...

My beloved best friend and former roommate, Zoe has been in town to take some big fancy grad school test, and it seemed the perfect occasion to test out Edinburgh Castle’s Pub Quiz. I rallied the troops, including new living companion Michael, Big Chris, Berkeleyist and Jason (hdjfgzs) and we enjoyed some wine and tapenade at 916A before heading out.
Arriving an hour early, we were still relegated to the second floor and expressed concern that we wouldn’t be close enough to the quiz. But, after assigning both beer and quiz runners and finding that a simple shout of “WHAT?” could get a question repeated, we settled in and prepared to throw down.
Once again, Big Chris dominated the team name choices and we settled on the classy and intimidating “Michael Jackson gave me a reacharound.” We’d lost previous team member Man on the Inside to some shitty lecture, but I needn’t have worried. Let me tell you something, folks. Jason plays one hell of a pub quiz. Much like Zo and myself, J’s in it to win it and I have a new found respect for his staggering intellect and early 90’s indie rock knowledge.
Zo, on the other hand, exudes a confidence perhaps unwarranted. When asked what the biggest peninsula in the United States was, the team responded with the obvious “Florida.”
“Oh no. It’s Alaska! It’s Alaska! I’m positive. It’s got to be. Alaska! Write it down!”
This photo captures her reaction when the host revealed the answer to be, what else? Yeah, Zo. Florida.

Alaska. Jesus Christ.

A word to the wise regarding Edinburgh Castle Pub. Don’t order the onion rings. I can’t vouch for the fish and chips, featured here, but those onion rings were not worth the inch they added to my ass. You can, however, flirt with the host and get an occasional answer hook up.
New Chris eventually joined us, just in time for the announcement of the winners and best team name. I’ll admit it. That Jackson was right. Edinburgh Castle runs a better pub quiz than the Bitter End, and the competition can be pretty fierce. I mean, we’re fucking smart and clever people. And we didn’t win.
Well, we won something.

Best Team Name!

That comes with a free pitcher of beer, y’all.

I am now officially addicted to Pub Quiz. We’re thinking The Albatross in Berkeley might be next. Word is, those Ivy League rejects take that shit pretty seriously.
Bring it on, Poindexter…


Gordon Lightfoot said...

The fish and chips were about as bad as the onion rings...

Spots said...

Oh yeah. Jason knew Gordon Lightfoot. I'm assuming this is some Native American crooner from Jason's heydey, the Nixon Administration, but I can't be sure...

Dancing Queen said...

I totally suck. I said I was too tired to go. What kind of competitor am I??? A lame one.
Bring on the Albatross!! For once we can hang out on "the other side of the Bay".

PS) "If you Could Read My Mind" is an awesome song..Gordon Lightfoot ROCKS (well, sort of).

big chris said...

a couple of quick thoughts:

the music round was fucking impossible. unlike the " hipsters "
who knew this shit, all of us actually have jobs and work for a
living. I'm not able to pop into amoeba for a few hours on
wednesday afternoon and pick up obscure imports in between
creating my " art ".

last night I learned that tom hanks was nominated for an oscar
for big.
and kelly lebrock no longer looks like kelly lebrock
from weird science, the steven seagal classic hard to kill and
those pantene commercials.

in defense of the fish & chips and onion rings let's remember that
it is basically glorified bar food and on the same level as the pretzel,
plus this is a bar in the 'loin

and finally the highlight of the evening ( besides winning a free pitcher )
was I counted 10 hookers within the one block radius of the edinburgh
and where beth parked.

honorary roomie said...

ladies and gentlemen, in my defense:
A peninsula is a geographical formation consisting of an extension of land from a larger body, surrounded by water on three sides.
look at a map. that's alaska. i call foul.