Friday, March 17, 2006

blogger spice...

As per Chris' recent Spice Girl comment, Berkeleyist and I have come up with our potential Spice Girl Names:

East Bay Spice
Wino Spice
Spend-thrift Spice
Wasted Potential Spice
Heavenly Spice

Emotionally Unavailable Spice
Fabulous Spice
Barrio Spice
Spinster Spice
Bridge and Tunnel Spice

Big Chris:
Slutty Spice
Tecate Spice
Burrito Spice
Stripper Tipper Spice


Rael said...

How about Heaven's Gate Spice...

Spots said...

I see you got my e-mail. I've already come up with your Spice Girl names:

Metro Spice
Marina Spice
Pub Quiz Spice
Highlights Spice
Love ‘em and leave ‘em Spice

Nihilistic said...

Hmmm...Bridge and Tunnel Spice??

sfmike said...

Salty Spice
Ritalin Spice
Puupuu Spice
Cheetah Lounge Spice
Ice Spice

Anonymous said...

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