Monday, February 27, 2006

the food's good, too...

I know how you rely on me for the restaurant reviews. So when Big Chris dragged me out to some Chinese joint in the Sunset last night, I figured that, if nothing else, it’d be blog worthy. “Wait. Why are we driving all the way out here?”
“Because it’s good and cheap, woman!”
“What’s this place called?”
“San Tung.”
“The Sand Tounge?”
“Chill. We’re almost there.”
As we pulled up, I suddenly realized. I’d been here before with KG. “Oh, I know this place! It’s fabulous.”
“Yeah. It’s crowded, too. This shit is good.”
We sat down, threw off our jackets and poured some tea. Looking around, the San Tung looks like your basic, cheap and clean neighborhood Chinese joint. It’s bright and fluorescent, with a smattering of crappy lotus/phoenix art on the bare walls. 3 or 4 employees sat at a huge table in the center of the restaurant, nonchalantly snipping the ends off green beans, pulling them one at a time from a Honda-sized pile in the center of the table. Seriously. There had to be thousands of green beans on there, like someone backed a bean truck in and unloaded the contents on top of this poor table.
Then I got to the menu. First of all the menu is huge, and indeed inexpensive. But that’s not the best part.
The best part? Most bottles of wine are $12.
I repeat. Most bottles of wine are $12.
Um, hello new hangout…


big chris said...

that's classic how excited you are about $12 bottles of wine.
you sound like a total lush who sits at home pounding
boone's farm or the mad dog 20/20 because its cheap.

honorary roomie said...

i didn't even know boone's had a last name. strawberry hill rules.

Nihilistic said...

Sunset area - Marnee Thai! THE BEST!!!

Anonymous said...

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