Friday, January 20, 2006

who's a badass now, greg...

Most of the time, I rip off my celebrity gossip from brilliant sites like Dlisted and Just Jared, but on occasion, I get the scoops myself. I'd like to give a shout out to my devoted reader, Molly, who, in addition to teaching me how to play Flip Cup in the basement of a Bethlehem, PA house of sin, is currently employed by a huge news media conglomerate where she has access to decidedly fabulous gossip.
This morning, I received the following:

hey beth!
got a scoop on your favorite new actor Johnathan Rhys Meyers!
we interviewed him y'day for CNN American Morning. Check it out! it's in the 6am hour on the west coast tho-- doubt you'll be up.
anyway! this morning ...*****************..... (off the record please!) ...but this you can publish... he was seen putting on lipstick before the taping... AND he was wearing gator-skin boots! can anyone say homo?

What! Lipstick? This is incredible and has, sadly, completely made my day...


Anonymous said...

beth, you better not get me fired!! (but i'm flattered)

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »