Tuesday, January 03, 2006

this has got to be pretty close...

Gavin’s New Year’s Resolutions:
1. Continue to affect positive world change on grand scale.
2. Meet that girl with the charming blog.
3. Find out what all the “hair gel” snickering is about.
4. Make the Matrix Fillmore less lame.
5. Befriend a real hobo and have it captured in film.

Kimberly’s New Year’s Resolutions:
1. Learn correct pronunciation of housekeeper’s name (note to self: the l’s should sound like y’s)
2. Find better plastic surgeon to make me look less “robotic and insincere.”
3. Prove to Gavin that America doesn't "loathe" me.
4. practice phonetic legal term flashcards.
5. Renew subscription to USA Today...


marylynn said...

That photo of Gav is totally fricking scary. Are we sure it's gel and not mousse? He seems like a mousse man to me.

BTW, so you have some reference - I'm the SFist writer you met at Otis (upstairs with her friend Vanessa) - did you ever find Jackson?

Spots said...

Well, Marylynn, as soon as I have the opportunity to rumage through his toiletries, I'll settle the gel/mousse issue once and for all. While mousse is slightly classier, the shiny slickness of his hair implies gel. I could be wrong.

Also, it was lovely to meet you at Otis. We did indeed find Jackson. Unfortunately, we did not see Matt "Shoo-fly" Gonzales. Foiled...