Wednesday, January 11, 2006

table for six...

Am I alone in delighting that our woman-hating governor looks like he got the shit beat out of him…by a sidewalk. First of all, as someone who trips, falls and plummets down flights of stairs with relative frequency, I would gladly pay a fortune to see Arnold eat concrete, preferably in slow motion while he screamed in his offensive and difficult to discern accent. As I sit here hating him, I came to the conclusion that Arnold Schwartzenasshole is the LAST person I’d want to have at one of my dinner parties. Ever. Which brings me to today’s Top 5:

Top 5 People Who Would Make for a Shitty Dinner Party:

5. Paris Hilton
4. Tom Cruise
3. Ryan Seacrest
2. Mary Kate Olsen (Ashley, however, is more than welcome.)
1. Arnold Sscwartzenshithead

Can you imagine the six of us sitting around, sipping Pinot and discussing world events? Yeah, me neither…


Towski said...

5. Tom Cruise - Obvious reasons
4. Ashley Simpson - Same
3. Britney Spears
2. Joe Simpson
1. Sean Penn

Spots said...

Oh my god, how I disagree. Sean Penn, with the right crowd and off the wagon could be spectacular. And Joe Simpson and Ashlee Simpson would have each other to chat with. I'm looking for dead silence around the table, uncomfortable shifting in seat, inability to function outside of celebrity bubble...
Britney's good, however. And you know she's show up braless with cold sores. Even worse, though, would be KFed. He speaks less English than Arnold...

Anonymous said...

So, who's your perfect 5 people to have for dinner?

Spots said...

Gavin Newsom
Allison Janney
Peter Berg
Scott Capurro
Queen Latifa

Nihilistic said...

Nobody likes Paris Hilton, everyone just wants to be Paris Hilton!