Monday, January 09, 2006

in case of emergency...

I was raised in a home overflowing with civic responsibility. And while I believe every citizen should impact positive contribution and change, sometimes my dad takes it a little too far. He’s what we’d call a “joiner.” Any club, any organization, any cause that piques his interest - he’ll enthusiastically sign right up.
With my mother in Mexico, celebrating her birthday by slaving away at some orphanage with her girlfriends, dad and Alex invited me over to a dinner of duck and lentils, created from a complicated Wall Street Journal recipe that fascinated them. We stood around the kitchen drinking beer, as Alex hovered over the stove and dad pontificated about his latest community escapades.
“Well, that’s exactly what we were talking about at my N.E.R.T. meeting.”
“What the hell is nert?”
“Neighborhood Emergency Response Team!”
“You and emergencies. You love those natural disasters.”
“Do you want to see my uniform?”
“You have a uniform?”
“Don’t move!” He went running upstairs.
“Dad is losing it.”
“Wait till you get a load of the uniform.”


Dancing Queen said...

Beth-you are so freaking photogenic it is unbelievable! Can you EVER take a bad picture?

Hope you are doing well.

Spots said...

Are you blind, Leslie? Perhaps it's because I'm standing next to the bear that lost his buttons.

Of course I take crappy pictures. I just don't display them in cyberspace.

Does this mean I look worse in person?

Anonymous said...

Nope. You look better in person, hot stuff. Speaking of which, how was "the date"???

big chris said...

I love dick's village people starter kit.

Nihilistic said...

We were actually thinking about doing the "NERT" thing. Now that I've seen the uniform, I'm reconsidering it.

sfmike said...

I think the uniform is great. And though you and some of your mean friends won't believe it, your dad looks sexy in it.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when I leave town!!! XOXOXOMOM