Monday, December 19, 2005

sip on this...

Once again, I ventured into GhettoGas because amidst the dusty shelves of antacid and Mexican pastries, they stock the incredibly hard to find Diet Snapple Lemon Iced Tea 32 ouncer. Believe it or not, most places, Safeway included, only sell this hot commodity in Peach flavor. While, I’m pretty much happy with most Diet Snapple Iced Tea, ever since Mint got discontinued I’ve been pretty loyal to the traditional Lemon.
I know. I’m really into Diet Snapple.
Anyway, I pulled into the GhettoGas to make my all important purchase. And because I simply can’t help myself, I spent 10 minutes in the “Sip Shop” watching myself walk around the “shop” on the security televisions up in the corner. Sadly, I always imagine that this is the footage the police will use if I suddenly turn up missing. It’s all the scarier because GhettoGas has those cameras that capture your image every other second, so the video is this really grainy footage of everyone doing the robot.
I then take my two 32 ounce Diet Snapple Lemon Iced Teas up to the counter and decide to broach the security video subject with the cashier gal, who apparently doesn’t speak a ton of English and more importantly, doesn’t give a shit.
“I’m way too into watching myself on these cameras.”
“Is it just me or does everyone look horrible on these?”
“You’ve got to have some crazy footage in the archives. Do you ever re-watch it?”
Suddenly, she begrudgingly responds. “No. Not morning time. But the night guys rewind and watch the people and laugh at them.”

That’s great. That’s just fantastic.
This evening, should you stop by GhettoGas, you will no doubt find 4-6 gas attendants chuckling their asses off at the gringo girl wandering around the Sip Shop tripping over Duraflames while watching herself on the security monitors, ensuring that if she’s ever kidnapped, she’ll have given the news editors some hot “last known whereabouts” footage…

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chuck b. said...

I wonder what it would look like on those cameras if you really did the robot!