Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ohhhh. trains...

While they raised me with a love of art, my folks have never really been ones to, how shall I put this, cultivate a collection. Other than a painting of downtown Mill Valley purchased at an art festival which my brother and I fight over, the art on the walls at my folks house doesn’t exactly scream Sotheby's. There are lots of vintage maps of San Francisco, folk arty family portraits of dead people and paintings by my very talented Uncle Bill.
Oddly enough, if you venture to my folks house these days and walk in the front door, you’ll find empty wall space with a little sign that says, “On loan.”
They find this very funny.
Apparently, some random watercolor of a train (that’s right. a train) is of such high interest to train/art nerds that it’s been borrowed by a museum for a special exhibit on, what else? Train art.
Now, I know you’re asking yourself, “What museum? The Frick? The Whitney? The Guggenheim?”
Shockingly, no.
However, should you find yourself in gorgeous Milwaukee, Wisconsin, your concierge at the Radisson might direct you to The Spotswood Collection at the Haggerty Museum of Art…