Friday, December 02, 2005

i am a venti-sized dork...

There’s only one thing more humiliating than knocking over your $4 latte at Starbucks, and that’s knocking over someone else’s. It’s been said before and no doubt, it’ll be said again. I lack grace. It’s the one thing I aspire to above all else and sadly, the one thing I’m sure I’ll never possess. So it was certainly no surprise to me when my huge handbag swiped across the counter and toppled “Jen’s” holiday-themed caffeinated beverage. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what you get for ordering something eggnog, gingerbread or pine cone flavored, but Jen wasn’t seeing the humor in this morning’s mishap.
My barista pal, Evan, giggled and clapped his hands, whipping up Jen another cup of crap in minutes, and I couldn’t apologize enough, but neither of us were able appease her decidedly unhappy holiday attitude. She dumped an extra pile of Slenda into her cup and left, shooting me dirty looks the entire time. As the door slammed, Evan looked at me and said, “I think you just totally ruined her day. Fabulous!”


Anonymous said...

I actually know Evan, and you did not describe him gay enough. He is the gayest person ever born. Evan knows everyone who has ever been in "his" Starbucks and every one of them walks away thinging, damn, that's the gayest sprite ever born.

KG said...

I don't know whats funnier...the above reply or beth's blog. There are currently very sick people all around me wondering why I am laughing out loud at their illnesses.
Thank you!