Saturday, November 05, 2005

nothing if not consistent...

For me, both the high point of last night and the low point came when the father of the guy I was madly in love with in high school leaned over to my dad, looked at me and sarcastically said, "So, does she ever come out of her shell?"
This was in response to me swaggering up to a group of dads and asking, "So, fellas. What's say we all go get our faces painted."
Damn that free booze.
I also experienced a run-in with my stalker/waiter, Lilliputian Karl, who told me how classy and tall I looked while approaching me at my dinner table of 10 people with an unexpected familiarity. I was then forced to introduce him to everyone, all of whom seemed highly confused that I was such dear friends with gentleman clearing the salad plates.
We split as they began the Bunny Hop and hit the Top of the Mark, where I was once again reminded that nothing is so fun as getting fancied up and wildly trashed on sophisticated aperitifs with dear old dad...

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Sunset Boy said...

I feel so ignorant. Who were you madly in love with? And isn't high school the last time there should be Father/Daughter dances?