Tuesday, November 08, 2005

maybe he needs another tinfoil hat...

Tom Cruise has apparently fired his publicist sister, because I guess it turns out, SHE’S the one who has been making him look nuts. Little does she knows, Tom has created an insanity trend among celebrities and my new favorite wackjob is Joaquin Phoenix.
First of all, allow me to preface this link by saying I have adored Joaquin since his name was Leaf. Max in Spacecamp? Genius. I like him in those weirdo M. Night Shamawhatever movies a great deal. And he’s got a fantastic voice. I can even look past the harelip.
Joaquin is talented and interesting and quirky and troubled, which is exactly why I like him and most likely, exactly why he’s INSANE.

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Towski said...

I just found out Jason Lee is a scientologist. Now I can't watch "My name is Theton Level 6" anymore.

Sad, really. Oh, and remember when Joaquin was in Stand By Me? Wow, he did a great job in that.