Wednesday, September 21, 2005

temporary lay-off...

I was watching Good Times last night because, well, why not. And it occurred to me that their theme song rocks. Good Times is incredibly fun to sing. I know this because I belted it while sitting entirely alone in my living room. So I’ve decided to make a top 5 list of my favorite TV theme songs.

5. Golden Girls
4. Knight Rider
3. Family Ties (sha la la la)
2. Jem/ A Diff’rent World (tie)
1. Greatest American Hero

*alternate: Cheers
*lesser known alternate: Maude

This is a very quick list. I’m sure with more thought and dedication to this tremendously important subject, I’ll be making changes. And now, Big Chris is rapidly e-mailing me his list...


laura said...

Ok, I know you fell asleep during the Emmy's, but I watched them. They had this thing called Emmy Idol and throughout the show random people sang the top four TV themesongs of all time. Here are the Emmy picks:

1. Green Acres (Donald Trump and Megan Mullaly sang)
2. Fame (Kristen Bell/Veronica Mars)
3. The Jeffersons (Macy Gray and some random tv actor I did not recognize)
4. Star Trek (William Shatner and some opera singer)

If I were going to make a personal list I would have to include One Tree Hill and that Lizzie Grubman show on MTV, Power Girls.

Spots said...

I almost put Laguna on there, but I think the only reason I love that shitty song is because it means a smoldering Stephen moment is approaching...

laura said...

There is something seriously wrong with you. Stephen is not cute. If our judging is based solely on looks (and why shouldn't it be?), then Jason blows Stephen out of the water. If we were to judge on personality, then I think we all know I cast my lot with Talan.

Also, Beth, in real life Stephen appears to be about 5'8". I think that fact alone should end your obsession with him

Spots said...

First of all, Jason is hideous. He looks like he's 40. And his Backstreet Boy precision facial hair makes me violetly ill.
Secondly, even I am unable to explain my obsession with this womanizing 12 year old. This in an ongoing theme in my life and something I'm working on. You don't see me knocking your love for that stupid Orlando Bloom.
Finally, haven't we already decided that Talan is mildly retarded?

A.P.S. said...

Come on Beth how are we related? Here are some BIG ones that have been snubbed, in no particular order.

Salute your shorts
Hey dude
Unsolved mysteries (there is nothing scarier than that song)
Cheers (is not an alternate)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Miami Vice
Full House
Gilligan’s Island*
Wonder Years

Spots said...


Man, Salute Your Shorts. Hey Dude. I didn't even venture into Nickelodeon territory. And I was wrong not to. I concede.

Which reminds me...Mathnet? The Bloodhound Gang? Wherever there's trouble, we're there on the double...

laura said...

Ducktails = Brilliant. Bravo!

laura said...

I'm sorry, but The O.C. is definitely #1. My list is now:

1. The O.C.
2. Ducktails
3. One Tree Hill
4. The Jeffersons
5. Power Girls

Spots said...

Hmmm. I have a question. Or perhaps it's a concern. I don't know that independent Top 40 songs should count. I think it might need to be written specifically for the show. I love Gavin DeGraw, don't get me wrong. But it's not that he wrote that for One Tree Hill, as opposed to The Jefferson's, which is very situationally specific...

Anonymous said...

What about MASH??

Dancing Queen said...

Hey Spots!!! I am The Secretary's friend, Leslie. Although I have never commented before, I read your blog EVERY DAY.

When I saw this topic, I had to comment (having been raised in large part by the television set).

Some of my fav's:

--Punky Brewster
--Three's Company
--Fresh Prince of Bel Air
--Tiny Toons

Hum-worthy: Beverly Hills, 90210

And, I must say, whoever put on Ninja Turtles is right on the money.

Spots said...

Dear Leslie,
Welcome to commenting. You rock. That was my brother who pulled those stupid turtles out of his ass and I couldn't disagree more. First of all, I don't like cartoons. I can't relate to them. Secondly, if we're delving into Saturday morning sector, I'm voting for:
5. Thundercats
4. He-Man/She-ra
3. Bionic 6
2. Fraggle Rock
1. Muppet Babies

Props for Punky. I'm down with anyone who makes the whole bandana/thigh look work...unlike Joey Lawrence.