Tuesday, August 23, 2005

sweet seats and sad so longs...

Tonight was Alex’s last night in town before heading to Regis University in Denver. Miraculously, I’d recently won 4 tickets to tonight’s Giants game in a raffle. So, Alex, Amanda, Big Chris and I headed down to SBC park for some free entertainment to send Alex on his way. Alex and Chris kept asking me where the seats were, and having won them, I had no idea. I repeated the section number to them over and over, and they had no reaction.
Sitting in the parking lot, we sipped Tecate and wine I had smuggled into a Gatorade bottle, Itty convincing me I could fit an entire convenience store into my huge jacket. Loaded with booze, we approach the stadium and hand over our tickets. We ran inside, thrilled my Chardonnay made it in and try to find some seats. All of a sudden, Alex and Chris realize that our seats are in some super special section where, among other things, the bar stays open past the seventh inning. I have never seen them react with such glee and delight, and they hopped up the stairs as Chris announced, “Shots on me!”
Itty and I couldn’t have cared less and soon had to rearrange ourselves because we were apparently asking too many questions. The game was fine, although I’m not sure the Giants practice very often. They started losing after the national anthem and never recovered.
Perhaps the highlight of our evening was when a gentleman in a rat costume threw salami at the crowd, prompting a riot unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We also saw several fights erupt over wayward sporting equipment, which provided much needed excitement.
On the ride home, Itty drew love notes all over Alex’s car, including hearts with “Call me!” written across them, refusing to discuss Alex’s early morning departure for college. While my first inclination is to violently vomit, I do adore the fact that my baby brother and my fabulous friend have fallen madly in love, and will sadly be devastated without each other.
The prodigal son will return however, already due to come back for an October weekend. They two of them dropped us off and went to go cry hysterically somewhere. We had a grand last night in town with Alex, sending him off drunk and sporty.
I shall miss him something awful…