Tuesday, August 09, 2005

ladies and gentlemen...kenny!

To know me is to know that I adore my digital camera. My father bestowed matching ones on my mother and I for Christmas, and we both use them constantly. I am rarely without mine, taking it out nightly to capture any mayhem which might occur. A few weeks ago, to my horror, I discovered that the little shutter thing had broken off the lens. I freaked out and today, finally got around to taking my precious camera up to the electronics store to get it fixed. I assumed they’d take it in the back and have in ready in a day or two, certainly in time to capture tomorrow’s weeklong visit of my Pennsylvanians. Apparently, that’s not the way it works. The staff insisted that I call some company, get them to send me some box, mail my camera off to some foreign country, and wait years to get it back. That is, unless I want to ask Kenny.
Yeah. Kenny. “Hey, Kenny, get over here.”
Kenny is a little different, to say the least. I can’t really describe him, save to mention that he’s half-disabled hunchback/half-gang member.
“Hi Kenny. I’m Beth. I broke my camera, and it seems like it should be so easy to fix. I’d hate to send it away. Plus, I have all these friends coming to stay with me tomorrow and I’d really like my camera to work. Any ideas?”
“Damn. Lemme see.” He grabs the camera from my hands, crushing the lens with his thumb as I cringed. Seeming to break my camera before my eyes, Kenny rapidly disappeared and no one, other than myself, seemed to particularly care.
I stood at the counter, a sales person attempting to find my father’s receipt in an ancient computer as I frantically eyed the store, desperate to find this Kenny. Suddenly, as if from thin air, he appears at my side. Kenny hands me my camera.

It’s fixed.

“Kenny! Oh my god! I love you! What’s it like to be a genius?”
“It’s cool. You need anything else, today?”
Feeling like a huge bitch for judging a book by its cover, I replied, “A hug.”
“Awww, shit.” He blushed, giggled, and just as mysteriously as he had appeared, wandered behind a plasma TV and disappeared.
I think I’m in love…

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laura said...

digital cameras these days are too smart for me. i accidentally dropped my new camera in a tub of ice water, and the next time i turned it on there was error message #220. i looked up this message and it means, "camera has been dropped in water, warranty is nullified." bastards! the official word as that i should mail my camera to the company and expect about $150 in labor charges. i foresee a visit to kenny.