Friday, August 19, 2005

i still l.u.v. him...

So, instead of rolling around the backseat of a Towncar with the Mayor, as was my plan for this evening, I spent it watching Laguna Beach with Zoe and Richard. I assure you that I attempted to go out, hating to waste this outfit I still refuse to take off, calling Ryan and begging him to go to Lion Pub.
“Ryan, your fucking former boss bailed on me today for some stupid explosion and I NEED to go out.”
“Yeah. I know. That’s my brother’s building.“
I was too riled up to even express concern. “Okay? That doesn’t help me.“
“You picked the wrong weekend to party. I’ve got duty.” Ryan’s in the Army Reserves and occasionally has to go guard things, as if this is an acceptable excuse.
“But I’m all dressed up!”
“I can't believe you're this upset. Can't you get dressed up next weekend?”
I rolled my eyes and sighed. “I suppose so.”
To depressed to even stop by BevMo to stock up for tomorrow’s shindig, I went home and fell onto my bed, still shocked my sure thing blew me off for some electrical man hole disaster at a lesser Ralph Lauren retail location.
I wallowed in a Laguna Marathon, Zoe and I developing a rather unhealthy relationship with each and every character. So involved in the coastal real-life drama of gorgeous teenagers, we actually fell off our respective couches when Tallan confessed to Taylor, “I love you... Well, I don’t love you. I l.u.v. you.”
As a result of today’s tragic events, I’ve forsaken my jet set, free-wheeling lifestyle to obsess about Steven from Laguna Beach while eating chocolate and drinking this morning’s leftover coffee…


laura said...

am i the only one who thinks that talan looks like a young gavin?

Spots said...

Yes. You are.

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