Friday, August 05, 2005

color me badd...

After “mellow” drinks with Kelsey, which resulted in me setting myself on fire in the back of her truck and cheap burritos with Chris, which resulted in me dying of dysentery in the Beauty Bar, I went home and crawled into bed with my books. I discovered an old grammar school journal and was shocked to find that I kept track of what I wore, down to accessories, every time I went out.
Wearing a uniform for 9 years meant that any social engagement outside of school or any “free dress” day was the only time to display one’s fashion sense, something I still take very seriously. Sadly, I found the following entry:

“Today was rad. We went to Great America and had an after party at Jennifer’s. I sat next to Marc on the roller coaster TWICE and he kept pulling my scrunchie out.
-purple and pink tunic sweater
-purple stirrups
-pink socks
-LA Gear high tops
-pink scrunchie (crimped hair)
-peace sign earrings
Nicole like my outfit and said it was really flattering. She thinks she’s so great. Lauren wore two t-shirts and rolled the sleeves so you saw both colors. She had a matching friendship bracelet. It looked cool.”

In reviewing this entry, I remembered what a fucking bitch that Nicole was and how I worshiped Lauren, always 2 steps ahead of anything fabulous. From what I’ve heard, little has changed for both of them in this regard since 1991…

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Anonymous said...

I remeber that outfit.