Thursday, July 21, 2005

top 5...

I got into a long conversation last night with someone who is completely out of touch with current pop culture. So I gave them my top 5 current entertainment favorites and now I’ll give them to you:
5. Gavin DeGraw is so marvelously cheesy and over the top. He’s a supermodel piano player and singer, he wears knit caps constantly and he’s one of those piano players that kicks the piano bench out from under him during the most intense part of the song. I love that.
4. Brat Camp is a new show on ABC in which we follow a bunch of troubled youths as they go to a wilderness rehab school. They’re guided through the winter tundras of Central Oregon by a collection of mildly attractive counselors, all of whom have names like “Fire Shaper.” My favorite episodes include when someone took a shit in the middle of the campsite which became known as the “Phantom Dookie” and they all had to have a really intense session of group to out the culprit. I also enjoy when the kids say things like, “It really fucking pissed me off when Mighty Sequoia told me I failed my drug test. That dude needs to chill.”
3. This is going to sound bizarre, but if you watch Oprah and pretend it’s a fictional comedy spoof, it’s the funniest show ever. I am completely obsessed with all things Oprah. I’ll watch anything from “Confronting your Stalker” to “In the Macrobiotic Kitchen with Gwyneth.” The best part of Oprah’s celebrity episodes is when she greets her guests with the handclasp. That’s how you know you’re really friends with Oprah, if she greets you with the double handed grasp, and then holds it in the air and shakes it. The length of the handclasp shake is entirely representative of how important the guest is. John Travolta gets a really long handclasp.
2. I think Ray LaMontagne’s album “Trouble” is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s really good to listen to if you’re depressed and feel like wandering around your house in fabulous outfits, drinking wine and pretending you’re in a movie.
1. Blow Out is hands down the best show on television right now. I don’t care what you watch, who you like, what your hair looks like. Blow Out is genius. We follow the divine antics of stylist to the stars Jonathan Antin as he runs his 2 LA salons, launches a product line and pretends he’s not gay. First of all, the guy is a fucking artist. His hair is incredible. Secondly, he cries at least 3 times an episode. I’m not kidding. I’ve counted. He’s always crying and I adore it. Finally, he surrounds himself with a fabulous cast of characters who bicker and over-accessorize and kiss Jonathan’s ass like crazy. I could watch nothing but Blow Out and live happily ever after.


laura said...

ok, it is no big secret that gavin is (and always will be) my #1 pop culture obsession.

from yesterday's p.j. corkery column, one last word about the divorce:

The finalization of the Newsom divorce has indeed been postponed at the request of the couple, as I reported here Monday. … But does the indefinite delay mean, as some family members and many friends had hoped, that the couple might get back together? No, says Peter Ragone, Gavin Newsom's City Hall press secretary, who has stepped in to try to handle the flood of rumors about the divorce. Said Ragone to me Monday afternoon, "The postponement is purely procedural. There is no reconciliation. The delay in processing the divorce is just so that technical matters can be handled properly." Kimberly, who appeared in public many times with her soon-to-be-ex-husband over the last two weeks here, has returned to New York. …

Big Chris said...

hi beth,
just read the top 5 and have to say it was shit. with the exception
of the oprah part because I've never liked oprah except when she
admitted she smoked crack. first of all who the hell are ray lamontagne
and gavin degraw ? brat camp should be changed to see what
happens to these kids in juvie and blow out is just plain stupid and
the head stylist is queer as three dollar bill. I think I'm going to
movies tonight to see wedding crashers because thats all my
friends were talking about last night at the bar and I was out of
my element. I will counter with my own top 5 later.

laura said...

who is gavin degraw? he sings the themesong to one tree hill. need more be said? as for jonathan being gay...he has a girlfriend - Sescie - whose boyish figure and elusive presence is really quite charming.

Spots said...

Sescie has obviously been "cast" in this depressing role, although I do enjoy seeing them interact. Also, she has really bad hair. If she and Jonathan were really together, he'd give her a better cut.

Elliot said...

When did Oprah admit to smoking crack?

Anonymous said...

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