Thursday, July 07, 2005

oh yes, it's ladies night...

Jesse, god bless her, arranged for all of our friends from college to get together for drinks and dinner in Manayunk, a fabulous Philadelphia neighborhood. Jesse, Carrie, Molly, Kelly and I have been friends since freshman year and the five of us met up at Le Bus for cocktails before dinner at Bella. Carrie brought her roommate along as well, Rachelle.
I cannot tell you how much I adore my girls.
Here's the thing. I haven't seen these girls since Jesse and Shane's wedding two years ago. So some stranger diving in with a million stories about people we didn't know was lame. Plus, I said something moderately politically incorrect in the midst of a hilarious story. This is to be expected, especially after a few glasses of wine. Apparently, this doesn't fly with Rachelle.
As a result, Kelly, Molly and I spent the rest of the evening laughing hysterically and whispering the most appalling and inappropriate comments to one another as a means of rebellion. Jesse was far too polite to join us, but I was soon over this strange roommate.
Plus, when we got home, Shane sat down on the couch and said, "So, Beth. What'd you think of Rachelle?"
"Don't get her started!" Jesse screamed from the kitchen.
I never get to see these girls and it was so good to sit down and laugh and gossip and tell tall tales. I miss my Philly gals and am impatiently waiting for them all to come visit.
Actually, Jesse and Shane will be staying with me next month...
This morning we woke at the break of dawn, kissed Shane goodbye and headed to the Reading, PA bus terminal. Jesse walked me in, made sure I was okay, put me on the 8:30 bus and saw me off.
My first trip on an interstate bus can be summed up in this one moment: I found myself seated across from some apparent gang member wearing a loud t-shirt. On said t-shirt was a huge photo of a gat and the phrase, "Welcome to Newark, New Jersey. Duck, motherfucker."
The bus ride took 3 hours and I made it to the hotel just in time to meet Dani in SoHo for lunch and shopping. We dined in Little Italy, catching up on months of separation. Dani's waiting tables in Manhattan while waiting to become famous, and we haven't seen each other in ages. Madly in love with someone named Travis, Dani dished and downed pasta, stopping periodically to pinch my cheeks and hug me.
The afternoon was spent all over SoHo, buying jewelry and sunglasses on sidewalks, huge western belts in stores, and yep, another beaded kimono in H&M.
After iced coffees at Dean and DeLuca (I almost fell on the marble floor in a state of bliss at the prepared foods section), we subwayed back to the hotel just as mom, dad, Alex and Matt walked in, direct from the airport. Screams, yells, and hugs (for Dani, not me) ensued.
We are now checked into our huge rooms, and about to head off to drinks and dinner. I am filthy, covered in city grime and exhausted, but I fucking love New York.
Duck motherfucker...

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