Tuesday, July 26, 2005

i still need to select an alternate...

We’re all familiar with the celebrity Top 5, right? I’m not sure where it originated, although I believe an episode of Friends is responsible, but one’s Celebrity Top 5 is a list of celebrities you’re allowed to sleep with, irrespective of any romantic commitments, should you have the opportunity. For a while there, my friends and I took our Celeb Top 5 lists so seriously, that to make a change, we’d have to consult each other. That fervor has since passed, but I still keep a little list going at all times and today, I’d like to switch someone out.
As of today, here is Spot’s Celebrity Top 5 in order of preference:
1. Michael Madsen (I mean it. Numero Uno.)
2. George Clooney
3. Vince Vaughn
4. Roberto Benigni (For unexplainable personal reasons. Don’t ask.)
5. And let’s welcome Colin Quinn and say so long to Sean Penn, who’s both short and kind of an uptight asshole.


laura said...

That is one crazy list. Of course (as we are an office of women), all work halted for three afternoons while everyone hammered out their list a couple of months back. Here is mine:

Hugh Jackman
Gavin Newsom
Hugh Grant
Johnny Depp
David Beckham

And, to suggest the obvious, Gavin should be your alternate.

Spots said...

I don't regard Gavin as a celebrity. I regard him as my future spouse. I am so confident in our future together, I won't waste a highly valuable space on my Top 5 for someone I know I'm going to bag anyway.

laura said...

p.s. I guess Jonathan said on the Today show this morning that Sescie is definitely pregnant. Unbelievable.

Spots said...


And he was going to be my alternate. Damnit!