Monday, July 18, 2005

happy birthday, mom...

Everyone gets a blog on their birthday. Joanne is no exception. As I was driving to work, I was trying to think of a good mom story, some type of embarassing snaffu I find hilarious. I've got a few, but you've really got to know Joanne to find them funny. So instead, I'll list my top ten favorite things about Joanne:
10. She swears like a sailor.
9. She's obsessed with playing practical jokes on people.
8. She's the only one happier than me when I succeed at something.
7. She's taken me shopping on five continents.
6. She likes to snuggle.
5. She has a glass of wine ready when she knows I'll need it.
4. She works harder than anyone I know.
3. She sings in the car.
2. She ignores velvet ropes.
1. She would move heaven and earth, outrun cops, leap from moving ships, dive in front of bullets and commit felonies if I was in trouble. More than my dad, more than my brother, more than anyone on earth, my mother has my back. Dad and Alex will adore me and love me and and shower me with affection. But when push comes to shove, Joanne's the one who would stockpile weapons, cash out her stocks and engage in a stand-off with the ATF if it meant keeping me safe...

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Robyn/ PA Mom said...

I love Lean Cuisine Panini's ...Let's buy stck and get rich!
Joanne skipd the velevet ribbon... I adore that woman!
Miss you guys!