Thursday, July 14, 2005

god is in the details...

It seems the pornography industry has decided to acknowledge the many underused talents of Randy Johnson and dear Andy has been promoted. That’s right, folks. Instead of merely filing insurance and proof of age forms, Andy (aka; Randy) now interviews the “models.”
One of his new tasks is to photograph them. Naked. In fact, he’s got to take an entire portfolio of each model’s body, compiling head, torso, ass and of course, full frontal shots into neat little folders. Apparently, the gentleman who held this job prior to Andy was mixing up his body parts. Corey’s ass was ending up in Rodrigo’s portfolio and Rodrigo’s dick was showing up in Jamal’s portfolio.
Clearly, this madness had to end.
Thus, Andy’s attention to detail has been recognized and he is now paid to photograph gay porn stars and then examine and organize these photos. Since he’s been doing this gratis for years, Andy’s quite thrilled with himself.
Can you imagine the joy of being paid to do what you delight in doing for free? That’d be like paying me to drink expensive wine at hotel bars while flirting with George Clooney and eating brie…

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Anonymous said...

Finally, Andy has found his true calling. Congrats, Randy! And yes. She will be going out tonight. Here's a hint: It's in the Mission. And you can get your nails done.
Sorry I can't go. Unless Andy's coming and bringing his "portfolios." Then, I might swing by.