Friday, June 03, 2005

stamp me!

On most mornings, I stop by the ghetto ass gas station for really, really bad coffee, because I refuse to wait in line at Starbucks. I’m drinking for the caffeine anyway, and after the first few sips, it’s not that bad.
The same staff of 3 work at “Java Mart” and every morning, they nervously ask me if I’m going to work (obviously), how my morning is (better after you give me my fucking coffee) and remind me to get my coffee card stamped.
The coffee card is a little piece of paper which one gets stamped every time they buy a cup of coffee. After you buy 8, you get your 9th cup free, or something along those lines. This morning, without being reminded, I pull out my little coffee card and hand it to Lodovico, who takes it, squints his eyes and shiftilly looks around, and then double stamps my card, raising his eyebrows at me as he hands it back.
Clearly pleased with his ability to hook me up, Lodovico beams with pride as he attempts to draw my attention to the fact that I’m now that much closer to that free cup of coffee. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that throwing extra coffee stamps around is nothing. My good friend Big Chris gets to announce the arrival of the Roach Coach over a loudspeaker. That’s a tad more impressive…

In related news, Alex came over the other morning and was made to run down to Atlas CafĂ© and get coffee. As he walked back holding 2 lattes, a homeless man stopped him and said, “Hey. Can I have a sip?”

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Itty said...

He told me that he said, "yea, try my sisters coffee, its really good!". The hobo then took a large sip and handed it back to Alex and then you, subsequently, drank the rest.