Wednesday, June 01, 2005

poor jeff garcia...

Have you seen is the 49ers training video that’s apparently appearing on the internet? It seems that the 49er’s publicist made a tremendously racist and sexist video in the hopes of giving the team some diversity training in terms of dealing with the press. People are shocked and dismayed, up in arms over the fact that some frat boy public relations flunkie resorted to adolescent hijinks as a means on entertaining the team while attempting to make them more understanding towards minorities and women. I am neither shocked nor dismayed.
After seeing what are apparently the most offensive clips from the video, I’ll point out that the video merely mocks the fact that diversity training even exists, rolling its eyes at the notion that steroid packed goons who don specific colors while rolling around on grass are capable of sensitivity. These guys don’t care nor are they paid to, and I maintain that these players could find dirty jokes and raunchy racial humor in a Nora Ephron film. They live in locker rooms. What do you expect?
What I found most offensive, more so than the stereotypical bucktoothed Asian stumbling over words or the naked 18 year old girls obliviously standing around applying make-up, which I will point out, was completely ripped off from Revenge of the Nerds, was that this video wasn’t even funny. It was stupid.
I know lots of sporty boys who delight in offensive humor. And they can be pretty fucking hilarious. One would think, or at least hope, that if a major national sports organization was to produce a highly offensive mockumentary training video with the intention of entertaining a football team in between strip clubs and steroids, that they could come up with something slightly amusing…


Anonymous said...

hi beth,
I agree. your views of the blurb today were excellent. but as an intelligent
bay area sports fan I say
1. the 49ers organization
leaked the tape to the chronicle for the pub.
2. this is a local story
neither or even give a shit
3. this wouldn't be a story
in any other city except san francisico and other major cities with
nfl teams would celebrate and appreciate the creativity of the video
4. if this was 80's up the mid 90's when the niners were a dynasty
this wouldn't be a story
5. I love the political incorrectness of the
6. my favorite moment involving a female sports reporter
in the locker room happened when a lady tried to interview all time
jerk and great pitcher for the tigers and twins jack morris who said
" the only time I talk to a woman when I'm naked and when I'm on
top of her or she's on top of me..."

Anonymous said...

alright the 49ers story is now on and it says the
video angered the mayor. well guess what mr. mayor
you've angered a lot of people too !

Spots said...

Please don't talk shit about my boyfriend.

Elliot said...

Here in Australia, due to some deserved bad press, they have run some commercials encouraging sporting types (ie Australian Rules Football players) to
1) Not get blind drunk all the time.
2) Not be racist pigs.
3) Not swear.
4) Not go around raping teenage girls (or any other women for that matter).
Apart from the swearing and the simple health aspects of being a drunk, I would have figured these were all pretty obvious things that wouldn't require tax payers money and a television advertising campaign.

Anonymous said...

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