Friday, June 10, 2005

barely functioning...

I can’t write a good blog today. I tried, but I just can’t. I’m too tired and spent and decidedly uncoordinated. I have tons to complain about, I’ve certainly seem some wacky shit go down, and I’m rarely at a loss for something to say. But maneuvering my fingers to accurately type these few sentences has frustrated me to no end.

Today is one of those horrible days when I can’t seem to stop hitting the Caps Lock button. I keep unintentionally unplugging my computer. I’ve spilled the same file folder 8 times. I put my car in reverse when I meant to put it in drive. I’m wearing a flowy skirt that is constantly caught in the wheels of my chair. And I just knocked over my Snapple.

If you could find some way of rescuing me, distracting me so I’m not a danger to myself or others or simply bring me a Sugar Free Frappuchino, I might just make it…


Anonymous said...

Poor Bethy! That's too bad. 2 more weeks!!!! Then it's you and me, out on the town.

Anonymous said...

I just read the bog and have to say that was a sorry entry.
also I've been sending the picture of myself and my pyramid
of tecate and needless to say everyone loves it.

Spots said...

Christopher Michael,
The day you begin to write something relatively humorous or interesting on a daily basis, providing it free of charge to your friends as a means of entertainment and communication, regaling us with charming witticisms and hilarious antecdotes, is the day I will accept literary criticism from you. Go build yourself another fucking Tecate pyramid, you freakish roach coach regular and leave me the fuck alone.
Love, Beth

Anonymous said...

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