Tuesday, May 24, 2005

which level is yours?

In a sad twist, Ben knows all of the hot guys we hire to park cars. They periodically come into the office and Ben chats it up with them, using lots of “dude” and “bro” but never introducing his female co-workers. It’s highly obnoxious, and I rarely will admit to him that I think any of them are cuties. However, a seriously hot one just walked in. While eavesdropping on his idiotic conversation with Ben, I heard him mention that he’d be out of town with his girlfriend next weekend. I waited until he left and then instant messaged Ben.
Beth: Uh, that guy is hot.
Ben: Really?
Beth: YES.
Ben: He’s a parker and acts a lot in local plays. You’ve probably seen him on the mountain.
Beth: Of course he does. He’s a total fox, Ben.
Ben: Well, I can invite him when we go out for drinks.
Beth: Oh, are you going to invite his girlfriend, too?
Ben: Girlfriends come in different levels.