Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"we" fumbled...

As I was driving to work this morning, I found myself stuck in traffic behind a truck with a very stupid sticker on the back. The sticker depicted a shaggy looking guy wearing a 49ers hat pissing on a Raider’s logo. Really, folks?
While we’re on the subject, why do guys use “we” when recapping sporting events? “We” beat the Dodgers. “We” traded him to the Redskins. “We” are out of town this weekend. Oh, are we? Alex does this all the time and it drives me nuts. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that you played professional sports.
And now, Big Chris is rapidly e-mailing me his response…


Anonymous said...

I saw a comedian once say... " we " didn't win the nba
championship, 12 black guys who, if they knew you would hate
you, won the championship.

and the only real winners in cities with championship ball clubs are the strippers and the hookers.

A.P.S. said...

You are so consistently you Beth. Ok first of all I acknowledge I am not a member of the 49ers nor am I a member of the Giants but I am a life long fan of those teams. There for I as well as thousands of others feel somewhat of a bond having watched our favorite teams grow into there current form. The "we," is a royal we, including players, coaches, front office, and fans. We, the fans, have no direct correlation to what happens on the field no matter what some super fan says. But we do bye $8 beers and $25 bleacher seats, thus creating much revenue for our team. It is somewhat akin saying my hometown of Mill Valley, I do not own the city nor do I have any say in how it is run, but it is my town and "we" the residents of Mill Valley love our city as many love the Giants and or 49ers. But in some cases the "We" is much more literal in the case of the Green Bay Packers in which the city of Green Bay owns the team. This means every resident in the city of Green Bay is a co-owner, so it is very much there team. In regards to the sticker of a 49er pissing on a raider logo that's just stupid. . . They're not even in the same division.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh looks like you really hit a nerve with these guys!