Tuesday, May 03, 2005

go on, miss thing...

Tonight, Zoe and I attended the gayest event in all of San Francisco. And that’s saying something. Matt Alber, Beach Blanket star, was releasing his CD at a fabulous party at Nancy Boy. Nancy Boy is a super trendy, super expensive, super gay men’s beauty store. And yes, Jason, I got a gift bag. Don’t worry. It’s all yours.
You’d think I was a drag queen. You’d think I was Bette Midler. You’d think I was more of a faghag than I already am. But tonight I found myself standing in the middle of a men’s toiletry store, holding a glass of Chardonnay, Euro-kissing homos like there’s no tomorrow.
The party was surprisingly impressive, packed with the city’s trendiest gays and all of my pals from BBB. Not only was there free booze and uber-fabulous dessert trays, but Matt sang. And he’s surprisingly amazing. I’m not kidding. My boy fucking rocks.
There are few parties I can attend where a good 50 people will acknowledge the subtle genius of my corresponding clutch and pashmina. And while I often lament my fruit fly lot in life, I will never be more at home, more comfortable, more immensely understood than when I’m in a room full of gays listening to disco surrounded by very expensive men’s eye crème…

www.mattalber.com (listen to “the slow club”…)

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