Tuesday, May 03, 2005

down with kinkos...

I’ve having a big job printed at Kinko’s where I stopped by this morning to proof the photos I’m having blown up. I then proceeded to get into a huge verbal melee with Jeff, the biggest asshole in the history of the world.
Who sucks more? Hitler? Or Jeff?
You decide.
Beth: Hi, I’m here to pick up an order for Spotswood.
Jeff: It’s not done.
Beth: I know. I need to proof the first print.
Jeff: It’s not here. (pretending to look around.) Yeah, it’s definitely not here.
Beth: Well, Keiko said it would be here.
Jeff. Am I not being clear? I said it’s not here. I’ve looked all over, and I’m telling you. It’s not here at all. Oh, here it is.
Jeff then accuses me of changing my order, questioning his authority, and trying to sneak around our “main issue”, which he refused to define.
Beth: Why are you giving me such a hard time?
Jeff: I’m trying to understand your order.
Beth: Two photos. Blown up. Laminated.
Jeff: So you’re changing your order? Just admit that you’re changing your order.
Beth: Can I talk to anyone else?
Jeff: I am capable of handling this order. I just want you to be clear.
Beth: You are NOT capable of handling this order. You weren’t even capable of finding my proof. Can I please speak with someone else?
Jeff: Just admit that the order you called in yesterday is not the order you want today.
Beth: Are you trying to piss me off? I mean, I walked in here in a good mood. And now I’m pissed.
Jeff: Can you please try and remain professional so that I can do my job and amend this order? Are YOU capable of that?
I have an official “disgusted” look. I contort my face into a look of complete and utter disgust, visually expressing how offended I am when words simply aren’t enough. It is at this point that the manager comes over.
Manager: Jeff, print her photos. Cut them. Laminate them.
Jeff: She’s changing her order.
Manager: So?
Jeff and Manager at same time: That wasn’t necessary.

My project is currently being sabotaged as I type, by Jeff, the Kinko’s asshole. Oh, and before you say it. I know. Keiko at Kinkos. What a bunch of freaks...


Anonymous said...

I think that you took some liberties with "jeff." I doubt that he was capable of the dialogue that you gave him....

Anonymous said...

I am convinced Kinko recruits attend some evil "attitude academy" where they are taught how to piss off working professionals with their patronizing holier-than-thou attitude. Tattoos, piercings and bad dye jobs sums up my local "co-workers". Frickin' slackers. Too wierd for a real job but not cool enough for a Starbucks gig.

Anonymous said...

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