Thursday, May 05, 2005

dear steven...

Every so often, I get a weird e-mail from someone who’s read my blog who I don’t know. I pretty much assume that the only people that read this are people who know me very well, people who I talk about and acquaintances people who have nothing better to do at work. But the thought of complete strangers not only stumbling across this, but spending enough time to ask me questions about something that happened in August freaks me out.
Thus, I will respond to the most recent e-mail publicly, in the hopes of perhaps answering the questions of other strangers:
Dear Steven,
Thank you for you letter.
1. Yeah, that was some pretty crazy shit that went down 10 months ago. Thanks for bringing it back up.
2. I have lots of favorite websites, but chose not to share them as I think it makes me look like a loser.
3. No, we have not heard from the crazy letter writer since last week, but Kristin hasn’t gotten today’s mail yet. I’ll keep you posted.
4. Yeah, I think Craigslist is cool too. Everyone does. Duh.
5. Yes, that is me on MySpace. Stop looking at it. Although, I’m both glad and frightened that you like the new photos.
6. I think that the next time we’re going on a family vacation is for New Year’s again, although there’s talk of Costa Rica. I’m happy you thought China was funny. And yes, I still make people do “Noses!”
7. No, people don’t send me e-mails about my blog very often. Do you read stranger’s blogs often and write them? If so, why?
I appreciate your letter. Keep reading. Tell your friends.
Your pal,


Anonymous said...

that's fucking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

some people really need to get a fucking life instead of dissecting
someone's blurb and following it up with a questionnaire. do
you think " steven " has ever felt the touch of a woman. NO
and I'm pretty sure he's doing all this blog commenting while
he's waiting in line for star wars III revenge of the sith.
what a fucking goober !

Elliot said...

Hello stranger.
I read your blog regularly but have never had anything constructive to say but having read that last post I thought I'd say hello, even though I think Nickleback are stink.
I am pleased you are happy to admit to enjoying them though : )

Metro said...

Oh Beth, you're the greatest. You are so funny. Did you just sneeze? Well, in that case, "you are so good looking", too. By the way, that Chris guy is so mean, I just don't think he should write reponses anymore. It really hurts my feelings.

Spots said...

Holy Shit...

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »