Monday, May 02, 2005

big chris has something to say...

via e-mail from Big Chris:

I think I have found the greatest website ever created
by humans in the history of mankind. please share
with the world on your blog.

He also sent this today, which I think is kinda funny...

also I have some guy coming to look at my dent tomorrow at work, and I said to him something like a need a dent popped out he and this guy got all offended and said it not popped out it is meticulously worked out by hand.
sorry Michelangelo.

Big Chris and I swung by Capp’s last night to pick up Zoe and ended up staying for an eternity. You know when you’re having the one drink that you can feel is putting you over the edge…well that’s when we met Tom who started buying us drinks. It is at this point that I saw the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life and so I publicly asked Big Chris to impregnate me with a turkey baster. He declined, stating that he doesn’t waste his joy juice on just anyone.
Chris was quite excited as we were hanging out with the Beach Blanket cast and someone mistook him for an actor and asked for his autograph. He was quite thrilled by it and is still discussing it today…


Anonymous said...

Soft hearted gay male in search of a kind hearted man to build a life only love can create. I'm willing to let my hopes and dreams lie in your hands for your nurturing. I enjoy laying by the fire reading stories and singing love songs in the shower. I've reached the time in my life where I believe looking out for number one should be the loved one in my life and I hope there is a number one out there. So send me your dream and we shall form a team.

Anonymous said...

you're not going to spend the next few days dissecting this
website and neglecting your play duties ?
also when I found this link the caption said
" when a mail order is too high class " -
find yourself and sexy inmate, add 'em to your shopping cart, and the two of
you will drive away in your stolen car of love..."
I just ate a 4x2 from in n' out burger and have the following announcement:
I am full.

also way to pass out last night and miss desperate housewives.

that is all,

Anonymous said...

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