Sunday, May 15, 2005


We spent this afternoon on the Bay, riding around on the yacht owned by one of work’s biggest donors. I don’t get to spend a lot of time of yachts, so I thought this was pretty fabulous. This donor is a very cool guy who offered a trip on his amazingly huge yacht for my work’s annual auction. My father and his friends bid, and thus we had an amazing day cruising around the San Francisco Bay. Alex brought Amanda, and it was her first introduction into a family event as the official girlfriend. I think she did quite well.
Not only did Amanda have to show up on some stranger’s yacht with strange people, but my mother wasn’t even there to buffer, abandoning her for business in New York. Amanda survived admirably and was quite the hit, answering lots of nosey questions and pretending to seem interested in things like recent trips to the Galapagos Islands and the color choices that Escalades come in.
Also, there was lots of booze, so that helped.
Lately, I’ve been getting asked how I feel about my dear friend shacking up with my baby brother. I feel really good about it, quite frankly. Can you imagine two more lovely people? No, you can’t. And really. If Mandy can survive 6 hours on the open water knocking back Champagne with my father and his cronies, she’s good enough for my biscuit. The bigger question…Is he good enough for her?

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Itty said...

Yes, he is! :)