Thursday, March 03, 2005


Kevin Smith is co-hosting the Alice Radio Morning Show this week and Zoe and I are on a mission to find him and buy him a drink. This would seem a relatively simple task but he seems to be hiding from us and I can hardly blame him. Perhaps someone tipped him off that we were on the case or perhaps his multi-talented brain subconsciously sensed an impending attack from 2 twenty-something celebrity whores with an abundance of Claire’s accessories and scented body spray. Either way you cut it, we’ve got a day left and have made little progress.
As we’ve got little time to put forth the immense effort necessary to find this reclusive genius, what with Zoe working 2 jobs and getting her Masters Degree and me toiling away at cocktail parties in the suburbs and negotiating a major residential move, we’re asking for leads. Should you be able to covertly alert us to Mr. Smith’s whereabouts, we’ll reward you with, well…an abundance of Claire’s accessories and scented body spray.
Thanks in advance…


Anonymous said...

did I tell you that
I shot craps with kevin smith at the outdoor craps table
at the hard rock last summer. some other film geek was
talking to him asking him about future projects and he
said he didn't have too much lined up. I just said I liked
all his movies and he said thanks. he's also really short
and fat in real life and had a huge black ( unnecessary)
bodyguard with him and maybe 3 people recognized him.

Anonymous said...

I bought him, his wife, daughter, and Jason Mewes a whole pitcher a couple of weekends ago. I don't know if it was that good of a choice considering Mewes is a recovering and his daughter is like seven...oh well.

Anonymous said...

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