Friday, February 25, 2005

why i love my co-workers...


(in Margot’s voice, which is very innocent and girly) “Hey Beth. Guess what? On Dateline the other night, I saw this thing about a woman in England who was having twins. And one twin came out white and the other twin came out Africa American.”

Margot refuses to say “black” and after I fell off my chair laughing, in all seriousness she amended her statement to say “African English.”


Ben only works Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Margot and I have taken to playing a daily prank on him. From decorating his desk with photos of unicorns and Brad Pitt after he asked us to keep it “utilitarian and man-like” to e-mailing him fake box-office problems involving screaming customers, Ben seems to fall for it 60% of the time. Today was a doozy and I sent him this in response:

“Friday’s prank brought to you courtesy of Bet-Go!
Founded in 2005 by Beth and Margot, Bet-Go! is a non-profit pranking service focusing on one client. Preying on the client’s devotion to his job and tolerance for the hijinx of his co-workers, Bet-Go! strives to keep the client on his toes, never knowing where the next prank will rear its hilarious head.
Thank you for using Bet-Go!”


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