Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i think they're weird, too...

I was watching TV talking with my cousin Michael last night. Michael and I have grown up seeing each other once a year, and his trip down here is the first time we’ve ever really gotten to know each other. We were reminiscing about our annual Christmas gathering, breaking down the holiday event and how we both dread it. I was going on and on about how it doesn’t matter how one acts at “Cousin’s Christmas” because you won’t see these people for an entire year and you can show up next Christmas as an entirely different person.
“I mean, really, Michael. Everyone things of everyone else as vaguely weird, anyway. Who cares?”
“Is that how you think of us?” He asked. “Vaguely weird?”
“Well, that’s how I think everyone else views me.” I casually responded.
Michael thought about it for a minute, then smiles and says, “Yeah. That’s true.”
“What!” I scream, appalled that my own family (whom I barely know) openly find me weird.
“You’re a character. That’s the buzz about you. Not really weird. But a character.”
Hey, as long as there’s buzz…

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