Monday, February 21, 2005

how spots met her husband...

Having spent last night enjoying the never-ending Olympic Club buffet with Kelsey, Andy, Bonnie and Alex, and then meeting Amanda at Mission Bar for drinks, I’m truly paying the price today. It was all worth it, really, as Kelsey played the baby grand for the fancy folks and I drunkenly turned down a seriously hot guy who insisted upon taking me home, but fun like that has a downside. After we stumbled though a lovely brunch, Amanda, Bonnie and I found ourselves at home watching The Parent Trap and nursing our aching bodies. Thus, we came up with the following:

Hungover, Hideous, and Hungry-27 (mission district)

We partied a little too hard last night. And now we're paying the price. We're three girls, all normally fabulous and stunning, who could use a little help this afternoon. This might sound a tad strange, but bear with us. Here's what we need:

We would like 1 to 3 gorgeous men to bring over the following provisions...
1 12 pack of Bud Light.
1 eighth of decent weed
1 bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (Extra Crispy, all the trimmings, and don't forget the biscuits)

Keep in mind, we don't look so hot right now, we're curled up on couches and pillows watching the Hallmark Channel, and arguing about when plastic was invented. But we promise to be charming and grateful when you show.

Please e-mail us with an approximate arrival time.

Thanks a million,

Amanda, Bonnie, and Beth


If we can all get naked and fuck, I'll be right over with what you seek. -”grant”

I'm gay and totally not interested, but I wanted to drop you a note and say I LOVED your Craigslist ad. Well done, very amusing. I hope you score men with chicken in the next few hours.
Good luck!-“Dave”

That was the funniest post that I ever read. Who won the argument about plastic? Hope the three of you are feeling better!!! -“Jay”

Saw your posting...I can bring my boys with me (all 3 attractive, single men) with all that you requested on your list. I can double your requests if you send me a pic of you 3 ladies. Let me know... -“Patrick”

and are incentive is...? really we've got to have a couple pics first. but save for a few formalities, you three should be finger lickin’ in no time.- “nilo”

hey girls, i can be over with your 3 requests plus a portable turntable. i'm
5'7" and skinny. i also look like hell being hungover and unshowered.
i will be taking a taxi and i might need a baby sitter because i just
took 20mg celexa, 20mg valium, and 180mg of dextromethorphan
hydrobromide. the last time i did this i had a priapism for 7 hours. give me your phone number if you are serious... don't send directions
to your place over email plz.-"andre"

...and they're still coming...