Monday, January 03, 2005

italian men...

This morning, I was walking along the piazza and began to pass an Italian man sitting on a stool smoking a cigarette. We made eye contact and all of a sudden, " Ciao bella! What a beautiful girl. My-a-god, I never see a girl so beautiful as you, signora." And with that, he clutched his heart and actually threw himself off his stool, feigning death at my stunningness. I laughed, thanked him, and walked on, feeling like the most glorious woman in all of Italy.
Sophia Loren who?
I went and sat in a cafe, sipping cappuchino and reading my book, thinking over and over how much I love Italian men. Glowing from my lovely compliment, I finished my chapter and my drink and then headed home. Again, I approached my suitor, although this time, he was speaking to a middle-aged Japanese woman. "Oh, such a beautiful woman. Signora, you are such-a beauty, I've never seen."

And with that, I pushed him off his stool.

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bring a couple home!