Friday, December 10, 2004

oh, mista sheffield...

So, uh, because I'm such a winner, I watched The Nanny Reunion on Lifetime last night. I think, in all truth, it's the most horrible monstrosity to ever be aired on Basic Cable. Hosted by Fran Drescher, at her beachfront Malibu estate, anyone who ever appeared on that cursed sitcom stopped by for cocktails and food prepared by Fran. In between uncomfortable scripted banter and reminiscing, we're forced to watch "highlights" from The Nanny. I didn't realize The Nanny had any highlights. I mean, I remember watching Lifetime with Pip, and as soon as The Nanny would come on, he'd scream, "Change it before she speaks!"
Apparently, none of the stars of The Nanny have worked since 1999, when the show was finally put out of it's misery. Thus, they've decided that 5 years is reason enough, and as they're all desperate for a gig, were willing to sell their souls for one last shot on camera.
Why did I spend an hour with these people, watching them kiss each other's ass and pretend that they were on some groundbreaking show, like All in the Family or The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I couldn't look away. It was like a car accident. I'll be haunted forever, but I couldn't help myself.
I'm now counting the days until the Family Matters reunion. I've got to know whatever happened to that talented Jaleel White.


Anonymous said...

Love that Carl Winslow. Why not a Small Wonder reunion? Suddenly Susan? Saved by the Bell? Moesha?

AndyJolley said...

Where the Hell was Niles? We got jipped Fran!
Oh my god, we're both losers, I watched this too.

Anonymous said...

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