Wednesday, December 22, 2004

oh captain my captain...

Matt's back in town from Colorado, and invited me to join him in seeing his friend Arthur do stand-up last night. Arthur is 22 and has been doing stand up for years. He happened to be performing at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley last night, at a Tuesday Night Showcase hosted by Mark Pitta. Arthur kinda talked his way into this gig and wasn't sure what to expect.
The theater was packed with a little over 100 people, and Matt and I had to fight to find 2 seats together. Arthur was kind enough to put us on the guest list, so I saved $10, although turns out, I would have gladly paid. The show started and onto the stage comes Mark Pitta, who you'd recognize as the "funny" guy on Channel 2. He does a little bit and then introduces this old guy, who bombed. In the great words of my brother, "You could hear crickets."
Arthur is next. The audience clearly didn't know what to expect, as Arthur looks about 12, and runs out there in his Goodwill pants and wild Mr. Kotter hair. But, uh, Arthur's fucking hysterical. He killed. Killed! The place went nuts for him, falling into aisles and stomping on the floor. He was easily better than anyone else. Well, almost...
After Arthur's set, Matt and I snuck into the lobby to find him.
"Oh my god, guys. Can't talk. Gotta run. Dana Carvey and Robin Williams are in the greenroom. They're going on stage in a bit. I've got to go..."
Matt and I scrambled up to the balcony, now thrilled with our luck. I wasn't particularly shocked, as Dana Carvey lives 3 blocks from my parents just up the hill, and Robin Williams lives in the city. They'd shown up before to try stuff out, but none the less, no one expected it and it was an awesome surprise.
During Dana Carvey's set, I snuck out into the lobby to call my brother and tell him to get his ass down there. Sitting in a chair was one of the other comedians, a relatively funny black guy who was pretty hot. We ended up talking which turned into flirting. Then serious flirting. Then dirty flirting. So I gave him my number. Little did I know, as Arthur informed me later, his girlfriend was sitting in the greenroom the entire time. Asshole.
I left the sexy slimebag once Robin Williams came onstage, telling him once he won an Oscar, we'd talk. Needless to say, Robin was incredible. What was most bizarre and magnificent, however, was hearing these famous comedians do comedy about Mill Valley. It was very specific to Southern Marin and fucking hilarious. They made fun of Tiburon people and San Rafael people, bitched about the construction on Miller Avenue, and made lot of rich people jokes.
2 and a half hours later, it was over. Alex, Matt, Arthur, and I stumbled over to the 2am Club, where Arthur regaled us with greenroom tales as we discussed comedy over PBR. Arthur couldn't believe his luck, thinking he was showing up at some suburban open mike night, and ending up doing a bit onstage with Robin fucking Williams.

PS. In 3 days, I've seen 2 cast members from Dead Poet's Society, which was once my favorite film. This is a sign, and I'm expecting Ethan Hawke to pop out from behind a corner any minute.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? So you had no idea they'd be there? That's amazing. That is so amazing. Mrs. Doubtfire and Garth. I love it! You've had lots of celeb sightings lately. You must be in heaven. I'm loving the blog, by the way. You've been really funny lately. Especially the one about playing pool. Hilarious. I forwarded it to all my co-workers. You rock.

Anonymous said...

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