Thursday, December 16, 2004

missed connections...

Are you at all familiar with Craigslist Missed Connections? It's pretty much my favorite thing in the world. Missed Connections have existed forever, still appearing in the back of the Bay Guardian or Pacific Sun. But they've taken it to a whole new level on Craigslist. With hundreds of posts daily, looking for everything from long lost loves to the hottie from the bus to "Phil Smith, I hate you", Missed Connections is my morning paper.
I've definitely spotted people I know on Missed Connections. Early on, I'd wake up to discover posts from Beach Blanket audience members, proclaiming their love for one of the actors or a band member. I'd print it out and post it backstage, the thrill nearly overwhelming me. In fact, some skank recently used Missed Connections to diss Pork Chop Express, in one of the most highly forwarded Missed Connections of all time. But, uh, Bonnie took care of that humorless bitch.
Last night, I met Bon and some Gymbo folks at Kate O'Brien's Irish Pub for Happy hour. One of the benefits to Bon now working in the financial district is that she's surrounded by young, employed, straight men. I delighted in the fact that Kate O'Brien's was packed with boys, as we settled into out table. While thoroughly entertained by Joey and Brian, I was still working the room, scoping the suits and winking at the bartender. At one point, perhaps after a few goblets of wine, I decided that if I just held eye contact for one second too long, I'd definitely score a missed connection.
Thus, I'm convinced that I've either frightened some very nice men, or I'm about to meet my husband on Craigslist, in some charming and witty missed connection he ran right home and wrote. Either way's win-win, if you ask me.