Wednesday, December 08, 2004


When I was in college, I was assigned to write an opinion paper on which particular actors and actresses working today were the least appreciated for their genius and most under-rated for their immense talent.
I chose Catherine O'Hara and Craig Ferguson.
(If you don't know who they are, that's your fault and you suck. Do yourself a favor and find out.)
I am thrilled to report that Craig Ferguson will be taking over for Craig Kilborn on CBS's The Late Late Show. Maybe they're lazy over there at CBS and don't want to change the sign on the dressing room, but we'll all benefit from this excellent choice.
Also in the final running was Michael Ian Black, whom I worship as a god. It deeply saddens me that he wasn't picked but I don't know that late night is his fortay. I'm a little torn, because he's such an awesome choice, though. Tough stuff.
Clearly, the late night honchos only recruit from VHI's Pop Culture List show commentators, but that's cool. If I were to write another opinion paper right now, for that foxy Professor Andrew Thatcher with the sassy ass(ignments), on who'd I'd pick to replace Craig Kilborn, I'd say Sarah Silverman.
But a Jew AND a woman? Yikes... Watch out Sheboygan.

January 3rd. CBS. I'm excited. Right on, Mr. Wick!

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Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth. I love you.