Thursday, December 02, 2004

fine ass spotswood love...

Greg picked us up last night in his huge, loaded SUV, with all the windows down blasting hardcore rap. I was prompted to ask both Bonnie and Greg what their rapper names would be. Lo and behold, this morning, Andy sent us a link that was pretty close. Wanna know your pimp name???

Greg: Sticky Fingers Walbridge Trump
Bonnie: Funk Master B. Rockefeller
Andy: Golden Brown Jolley Skillz
Mercedes: Dopetastic Ferreira Luthor
Chris: Deacon Doctor Chris Flex
Zoe: Delicious Zoe Wicked
and then me... Fine Ass Spotswood Love


Bonita said...

I gots to get me the new Chingy CD. That shits the bomb yo!

~Funk Master B. Rockefeller

Spots said...

This blog was not an invitation to e-mail me your pimp name. The only one that was remotely worth my needing to know about was Big Daddy T.F Goldtooth, which is only funny if you know Big Daddy T.F Goldtooth.

nobody said...

Stealth Maestro J. Silk send his most tantric greetings and some of that pimpin

Anonymous said...

Don't need no Fine Ass invite.
-Mac Master T. Ice